Aquatic Planet Greenwood

Tropical fish, reptiles, and amphibians with a green twist.

740 Montague Avenue, Greenwood, South Carolina 29649 (864) 729-5755 Instagram @_aquaticplanet

Aquatic Planet will open on July 1st, 2022 in Greenwood, South Carolina with a grand opening scheduled for October of 2022. Aquatic Planet (formerly Eric's Tropical Pets) is a tropical fish store that will also sell reptiles and amphibians. Birds, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians can be special ordered. Home and office set up and installation is also available.

Tro[ical fish are curious because they live underneath where we do not. They can be hypnotizing and calming as the minutes quickly melt away. Aquatic Planet cares deeply about placing our fish and other pets into home environments that are properly prepared, comfortable and stimulating for the animals. Owned by Todd Applegate, the pet store will offer you everything you need for your fish to include their groceries, pharmaceutical products, and home décor such as wood, rocks, and plants.

All new fish will be treated with antibiotics and antiparasitic medicines upon arrival and before they are available to be re-homed. All customers are encouraged to ask questions related to establishing a proper bio-filter, water parameters, and compatible tank mates. Todd Applegate has had vast experience raising various fish and treating just about every known fish disease. He is happy to share his knowledge with his customers.

Aquatic Planet will also feature a program for buying and reselling used aquariums in very good condition. We will pay $1 per gallon for aquariums that are delivered and $.50 - $1.00 per gallon for tanks that must be picked up.

This innovative pet store will be able to meet almost every pet need with competitive prices and a great selection of freshwater fish from cichlids to tetras, barbs, mollies, and guppies. Some of our fish are bred and raised in-store.

Please visit Aquatic Planet. Caring service, quality pets and supplies, honesty, and integrity are found at Aquatic Planet.

Turquoise Jewel Cichlid

Cichlids: High on Character!

Aquatic Planet will always try to have a variety of cichlids on hand. Whether you like the larger and often territorial cichlids like oscars or black belts, kinder and gentler cichlids like electric blue acaras, geophagus, rainbows, and severums, or small cichlids like german blue rams, key hole, or golden eye nannacaras, we will strive to have something different than Petsmart.