Do's and Don'ts for Fish

Do: House a healthy amount of roommates per apartment.

Do not: Add too many inhabitants because this often causes relationship and hygiene problems.

Do: Change the water (25 - 50%) in the aquarium every week to three weeks depending on how many and which type of fish you have.

Do not: Have your fish live in filth that they cannot escape because this often leads to death or disease.

Do: Feed your fish what they can finish eating in three minutes.

Do not: overfeed your fish as uneaten food will increase the ammonia levels in the water and lead to disease or death.

Do: understand how big your friend will be when they grow up.

Do not: add friends who will quickly outgrow their home. (Oscars, common plecostomus, bala sharks, etc.)

Do: understand which fish will get along together in most cases.

Do not: house bullies with sweethearts.

Do: recognize and treat sick fish immediately.Do not: wish or dream that fish will immediately get well. Disease in one fish will often spread and infect the entire community.